Gloucester County, NJ

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Special Operations Div.

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division which is under the command of Lieutenant Dennis Sims consists of  three separate units.  These units include Traffic Safety Unit,  Support Services Unit and the Training Unit.

The Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for ensuring the citizens of Washington Township and our guests have the ability to travel safely while operating motor vehicles.  The Washington Township Police Department is also outfitted with Motorcycle Patrol  which is supervised through the Traffic Safety Unit.   

The Community Response Unit is proactive in the developing of community outreach programs which are essential to strengthening the relationship between the community and the police officers.    The bicycle patrol function is also supervised from within this unit.  Bicycle Patrol has been proven an excellent asset to the community, allowing officers to access hard to get areas while still remaining mobile. The  Community Response Unit   coordinates and instructs the drug awareness training with the Washington Township School District, and provides School Resource Officers who are detailed to Washington Township High School on a full time basis.

Training Unit is responsible for coordinating and providing new recruits and police officers with the initial and updated in-service training that is required of our police officers.   All firearms training and maintenance is conducted and supervised from within this unit. The NJSACOP Accreditation process as well as social media is supervised by the Training Unit as well.