Gloucester County, NJ

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Motorcycle Patrol

The Washington Township Police Motorcycle Patrol Program was established in 2004.  Motorcycle Patrol has proven to be an extremely effective tool in rapidly responding to calls for service in extremely dense traffic conditions that are all to common within our township today.  The motorcycles are utilized for traffic enforcement and ceremonial duties as well.  The fleet consists of Harley Davidson and BMW patrol motorcycles.

The Traffic Safety Unit secured one of the motorcycles from the Division of Highway Safety at no cost to the taxpayers of the town. 

We have been unable to locate any history of the police department utilizing full-duty motorcycles prior to 2004, but in the 1929 photograph of our department, many of the officers are wearing riding breeches and boots, significant of either motorcycle or horse mounted patrol. As a sign of respect for these officers of yesteryear, all current motor officers wear the same style riding boot seen in the photo.

It is a common saying in the police motorcycle community that the wings worn by certified officers are “earned, not given”.  Our Motor Officers firmly believe that being assigned to “Life behind Bars” is a privilege in serving the community.